An Alarming Use of Edge ML

These days you can find feature-packed home security cameras starting at under $30, so it should come as no surprise that these tiny devices are popping up in homes everywhere. Typically coming standard with movement detection and notification capabilities, security cameras can give us peace of mind that everything is secure and in good order while we are away. These conveniences come with some fairly significant drawbacks, however.  The movement detection capabilities, especially in the lower-end cameras are not very sophisticated, and often alert when a pet walks into view, or when bright lights reflecting off of a passing car shine through a window. Excessive, uninformative alerts lead to notification fatigue, which is likely to cause people to ignore alerts, and potentially miss something important. An even larger problem is that of privacy.  How certain can you be that a disgruntled employee of the device manufacturer is not snooping on your living room? And what about the possibility of exploits (which manufacturers are not always upfront about) that give bad actors access?

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