Alternative for ETA Vision Board?

Me and my manager have just learned that they are discontinuing the ETA Vision Board. We picked this board because of its low power, as our end product should be able to run months at a time. Does anyone know of any alternative boards that have the same capabilities as this board does for object detection as well as low power efficiency?

Hello @E33933,

At the moment, only linux boards are supported for Object Detection.
What did you have in mind for the power consumption when talking about low power?
If you can consider image classification instead of object detection for your project, here are the boards that we are currently officially supporting:

You can see the full list here:

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Note that multi-object object detection is coming to all the boards above, and also to the Katana SoC (sort of successor of the Eta chips, now from Synaptics).

Single object detection / image classification works on all the boards @louis mentioned.

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