Alif Ensemble: Building the project

Question/Issue: I have followed the following link for building a project for Deploying on Alif Ensemble, however, building with docker does not work (although the docker is not defined for example-standalone-inferencing-alif-master). With GCC and also ARMCLANG I am getting some errors:

[link redacted]

Docker Error

GCC Error

Project ID:

Hi @Sina,

The Alif support hasn’t been released yet. We’ll keep you posted once it’s done in the next few weeks.


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Hi, can you please tell me how you found this link? (Google, etc.)?


Hi @jenny,

I got this link directly from Alif Semiconductor. :slightly_smiling_face:


Aha! Thank you for the info. My team will work with Alif to get an updated working link. In the meantime, the information you’ve been sent is outdated and hence not building properly.


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