AI Workshop Joining Link

Please send joining link for today’s AI Workshop

There is no joining link from the SparkFun website or edge Impulse site

I have been checking my email several times:

God blesses!!!

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Hi @sanyaade,

I just sent the link in DM.


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Thank you very much :+1:

Hello, same request. How do I join for the workshop? Will you be DM’ing all the participants?

Thank you! :slight_smile:


You should all have received an email from Sparkfun, link in your DM.


I found mine in email, it’ is one of the older ones titled “Registration Confirmation:” and just says link in the Attending section. image

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I did not receive the link as shown above. Please send me the link.

Thank you

I don’t have the link either.

Just DM’d you both.


Hi Aurel,

I’m also missing the link to join the workshop


Please send me the link. I did not receive the link