AI-Managed Crops Irrigation

The ability to grow massive amounts of food in recent times has only been possible with the advent of pesticides, mechanization, and using a lot of water. However, these practices are often unsustainable, thus ruining the environment and depleting valuable resources in the process. This project is meant to tackle water usage, as being able to pinpoint exactly where water is needed along with when can prevent overwatering in areas that don’t need it. 

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Dear mathijis can you share arduino edge control , mkr2 interface code through i2c. Which is not working in my case

Hello @godwinece,

@evan should be able to give you a few hints. I’ll let him know about your question.



Hi @godwinece! Here is a link to the GitHub repo that contains the code for both devices, the Flask webserver, and a visualizing utility. As for communication via I2C, the MKR2 is an I2C slave device that either sends temperature + humidity over I2C when requested by the Edge Control or sends information to the server when it receives sensor data from the Edge Control.