After deployment step!

we have completed deploying our model, we need to know how to transfer the classified data from sony board to the bluetooth module HC05.
Do we need to flash the model to the pc everytime when we need to classify the images !!! ??
please do clear our doubts !!!

Hi @Lakshana.G,

Did you deploy as a binary or as a c++ library?

If as a C++ library, you can add your own code to transfer to your module here:

If you need the full firmware, the same code is here:

For instance you could send the result.classification[ix].label corresponding to the highest result.classification[ix].value to your module if you just need the highest predicted class.

Once you’ve deployed your model, classification will run directly on the target so there’s no need to flash it a second time.


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we have deployed our model as a binary file and got our output in the command terminal of our pc ,how to get that highest predicted data from that terminal to bluetooth module

This is more a generic embedded question but if you want to use the binary, the best way would be to send AT commands through the serial port:

You can run: AT+RUNIMPULSE, retrieve predictions and send them to your bluetooth module.


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: ,How to get the raw feature for the whole trained model and where to get it? Pls do help us with it!!!