Adjust impulse settings


I have a question about the impulse settings. I converted my impulse to a Cube.MX CMSIS-PACK. Now I would like to change the ‘window size’ and ‘window increase’ settings. Is that possible? I saw a file: model_metadata.h, can I change these settings there? Under what name are they in the library?

Hello @J.Hogendoorn,

The window increase does not have an impact when you run the inference. It’s used to generate more data, to make your model more robust on use cases where you have continuous or long running data sample.
The window size is directly linked to the size of your input buffer (before the DSP), thus if you increase it on the generated C++ code, it won’t work because your feature extraction block (DSP) will be expecting a fixed size buffer and it will be different.
The window size is in millisecond and you also have the sampling rate (frequency). These two values generate the EI_CLASSIFIER_RAW_SAMPLE_COUNT value in the model_metadata.h

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Hello @louis,

Thanks for the explanation and answer!