Additional Filters for Collected Data Sorting

Hey Edge Impulse folks! I have no questions this time, surprise! :smiley:

This time round I’d like to make a feature request. After sorting through my image data in the “Data Acquisition” section, I’m finding myself frustrated that there aren’t more filters for data sorting. You can filter by label, signature validity and enabled/disabled samples, but there are no simpler filters such as “Filter by date uploaded” or “Filter by file name”.

These simpler filters would help me greatly in sorting my data out. I realise that data is automatically sorted by date, but to add more detail to my suggestion, I’d like to hide all data that was not uploaded on the given date. That way, I can select all data on that date and disable/enable/delete it if necessary.

Also, as the current UI stands, when I go to select multiple items and click the tick box next to “Sample Name”, it selects all of the data, rather than just the items on the page that I’m on, which isn’t super intuitive. If I want to check specific items currently, I have to go and either select everything, then deselect certain items one by one, or go through and select all the data items I want to alter. A better way of selecting multiple data items would be brilliant!

The above only applies of course if I’ve not completely and utterly missed some feature of the UI that does some, or all, of the above. I guess if that’s the case, and I have missed something, then maybe it needs to be more obvious?

Cheers EI team! I hope this feedback/request is constructive enough!

@TechDevTom Thanks for your continued constructive feedback and interest in Edge Impulse!

In order to provide the right feedback to our team, I would like to understand the use cases behind “filter by date uploaded” or “filter by file name”. In my experience, the file name does not ultimately matter, it is the labels that matter, unless of course you are trying to having 1:1 correspondence with how you named and organized the files on your host machine? For “filter by date uploaded”, is this also for purposes of organization? For me, it seems that it would be hard to keep track of different batches of files that were uploaded at different times. How would you normally keep track of this in general as for me I would not always remember what I uploaded when.

With regards to selecting multiple items, my understanding is that you would like to be able to be more selective than what we currently allow, but my impression is that this is motivated by some underlying desire, like to have more of a file explorer interface. Do you feel that adding a “select all items on this page” option would be sufficient for your needs?

Keep the ideas coming! :slight_smile:

Hey @yodaimpulse! You’re welcome, thank you for keeping it running!

So, just a small correction, I stated “Filter by date uploaded”, not “Filter by data uploaded”. Not sure if this is what you meant and you made typos, but wanted to be clear.

It is the labels that matter for sure, but it would be useful for me if I uploaded many files for example with the prefix “robin” in the name to be able to see all those files next to each other with their labels. Perhaps some of those robin images have one label on them, or maybe two. This could be useful for me. Just a thought though!

And yes, both filter suggestions are for the sake of organization, both in terms of seeing my data in different ways but also in enabling me to select what data I need more efficiently.

In terms of selecting multiple items you are correct, I wish to be selective than the UI currently allows. A file explorer interface would be excellent for sure, although perhaps a little impractical in terms of a web based UI/UX. A “select all items on this page” option would certainly help. Another thing that might help is a “select all items uploaded on this date”, where you type in the date.

You seem, as a test I uploaded a LOT of data, and labelled it all, for an Object Detection model. But now, I wish to remove about half of that data. But as it stands, I need to go through and manually select/deselect every data item within my dataset that I want to remove… and there are hundreds of data items. You can begin to see my dilemma!

Thank you for your response! :smiley:

Yes that was a typo but now fixed! :slight_smile:

Thanks @TechDevTom this definitely helps some additional light! I would like to put in some feedback to our team and see if we can entertain making some “quality of life” improvements to this in the near future! What do you think @janjongboom?

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Hello, I would second the suggestion of filtering by date uploaded with range. I upload wrong chunk of data to Edge Impulse sometimes and I needed to purge entire projects because there are no filter by upload date. It has happened to me multiple times. A new chunk of new collected data are uploaded on a narrow time range so purging the same wrong upload chunk would be trivial if the filter exists. I hope it will be implemented so this won’t happen to me or anyone else anymore :smiley:

Hello @fsmcore,

An internal ticket for this feature request has been created 13 days ago.
I added a link to your request on this ticket.
I cannot give you an ETA on this feature release but I can confirm that your request has been taken into account.

Best regards,


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Thank you, good to know that it’s already planned.

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