Add ability to include data augmentation in EON Tuner

I’ve noticed a phenomenon wherein the EON Tuner will produce a model with a high accuracy score, but with the Data Augmentation option turned off. Once retraining with DA enabled, very often the score will drop dramatically as the model may not be resilient to noise. Would it be possible to specify DA as an option to the Tuner so this might be taken into consideration when computing the score?

Hi @jefffhaynes, yes, we’re adding this in a next iteration (incl. full control of all parameters that the tuner works through).

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Hi @jefffhaynes,

Indeed this is an idea we have been considering. I’m going to fast-track this and it’ll be live before the end of this week. As soon it’s live i’ll post an update here.

Full control of the EON Tuner hyperparameter search space will follow in the coming 1-3 months.

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