Accidentally erased Himax WE-I bootloader while trying to update the version from 1.4.2 to 1.4.4

Mentioned link is the source I had followed to update the bootloader version of my Himax WE-I Plus.
To update the version I had to erase the existing version (1.4.2) and upload the newer version (1.4.4). It looks the like the existing version has been erased but the newer version did not get uploaded and the board doesn’t have a bootloader at the moment.
The default LEDs don’t seem to be blinking while connecting the device via serial port using a USB.
Could anyone help me on how to upload the bootloader now and get the device working ?

Hello @LakshmiNarayanan,

Where exactly did you get stuck in the procedure?
Which OS are you using?
I had to do it some weeks ago on linux and it went well as far as I remember.



Hi @louis,

There were no blockers in the procedure, I erased the older version and uploaded the newer version and it said successful but the board doesn’t seem to be working, as in the default LEDs didn’t glow, the edge-impulse-daemon was unable to identify and establish connection with the device.

I am using Ubuntu 20.04.

Just to make sure, did you press the RESET button after uploading the new version?

I remember I forgot to do it and I could not see either this result:

12. After bootloader updated, you can double check the version by open terminal at your environment and press reset button on HIMAX WE1 EVB.



Yea I did but there seemed to be no response from the terminal