404 on deployment instructions


is a 404. Where can I find the information on how to build and deploy?

Hi @mkarliner,

If you are looking for information on how to deploy your trained model, then you probably want this doc page: Deployment - Edge Impulse Documentation

If you are looking for information on how to develop your own custom deployment block, then that page has moved to here: Deployment blocks - Edge Impulse Documentation

I made an impulse using the Syntiant IMU, not realising that it limited my deployment options, so I couldn’t work out why I couldn’t export a C++ package as documented.

However, if I kept going and output a custom block
the link in the green box, is a 404…

I’ve now a made a version without the Syntiant IMU and I’m working on deployment as documented, but the 404 report is valid. You might also mention the effect of using the Syntiant IMU somewhere :slight_smile:

Hello @mkarliner,

I have fixed the redirection issue.
We are currently revisiting the workflow depending on which board you choose to avoid the issue you mentioned.
Thanks for your feedback.