20 minute timer?

I am trying to figure out the limit between the free offerings and the enterprise. I heard that there was a 20 minute limit but what does that mean? I do do not see any counters in my account nor projects.

I just started a project with about 540 images. so far so good. I was curious if the project will just fail if it gets too large? FYI, this is a dorky meaningless project. We would never ask for extra time on this. I would just like to know how far I can go.

Hello @unique,

The 20-minutes limit applies per job.
You can reach this limit when your dataset is pretty big and/or your NN architecture is complex and needs a lot of epochs to converge properly. Most of the time it happens on Object Detection projects but I also have seen the limits been reach on image classification and audio projects sometimes.

On images, you can reduce the size of your image, it will lower the number of features used by the NN to train on but at the same time it can also reduce the accuracy. It is always a trade-off :slight_smile:

I hope this answers your question.