"Unsupported architecture" exception on Raspberry Pi

Trying to execute the following command on a Raspberry Pi…

edge-impulse-linux-runner --download modelfile.eim

…results in an “unsupported architecture” error that seems to contradict itself:

[RUN] Failed to run impulse Error: Unsupported architecture "aarch64", only armv7l or aarch64 supported for now
    at RunnerDownloader.getDownloadType (/usr/lib/node_modules/edge-impulse-linux/build/cli/linux/runner-downloader.js:31:27)
    at async RunnerDownloader.getLastDeploymentVersion (/usr/lib/node_modules/edge-impulse-linux/build/cli/linux/runner-downloader.js:55:28)
    at async /usr/lib/node_modules/edge-impulse-linux/build/cli/linux/runner.js:123:31

Any ideas? (Side note: I posted this on GitHub as well, but now I see this is a more appropriate spot for issues!)

@roblauer Which Raspberry Pi is this?

The latest - RPi 4 model B.

Hi @roblauer,

Are you using Raspberry Pi OS 32 bits? Can you provide the output of uname -a?


64-bit…I assume that’s the issue? I’ll flash a fresh version of 32-bit Raspbian and try again.

Linux raspberrypi 5.10.17-v8+ #1421 SMP PREEMPT Thu May 27 14:01:37 BST 2021 aarch64 GNU/Linux

Hmm… That would be interesting, here’s my output - architecture differs in my uname output:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ uname -a
Linux raspberrypi 5.10.17-v7l+ #1403 SMP Mon Feb 22 11:33:35 GMT 2021 armv7l GNU/Linux

So v7l+ instead of v8+… Would be weird if this was misrepresented on 32-bit vs 64-bit… My Linux is 32-bit though:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ getconf LONG_BIT

@aurel Any chance you can test if you run a Raspberry Pi model (downloaded from the 32-bit Pi) on the 64-bit Pi? If so, we need to refine our architecture detection code in the Linux CLI. If not, we need to do a deepdive into building for 64-bit Pi’s…

I’ll give it a try in the next days. We managed to build it for Balena 64 bits OS though using a similar script as Jetson: https://github.com/just4give/balena-edge-impulse-linux/blob/master/ei-inference/Dockerfile.aarch64


FYI, everything works fine after a fresh 32-bit Raspbian install. :+1:



I’m having the same error with the architecture “aarch64”. I’ve used the last 32 bits version available for Rasp4 (with a Rasp4 model B - 64 bits). Any recommendation for this case?