Ingestion Thermal Images

Is it possible to ingest matrices of temperatures or is the platform limited to just time series and jpg?

I’m not sure, because I haven’t tested it out yet, but I saw a discussion by @naveen where, he wished to upload thermal images to EI studio as well - Upload non-timeseries non-image data

Eventually he created this project, where he gives details on how to upload thermal data to EI studio -

You could try the edge-impulse-framebuffer2jpg tool: Data Forwarder Auto Label?


  1. Install the edge-impulse-cli
  2. Save the raw pixel data of a matrix in a .txt file
  3. Use the tool as shown in the link above
  4. Go to your project and use the upload tool - the generated image should be wherever you downloaded edge-impulse-cli

Hi @fralke so for thermal images wouldn’t it be smart to convert to images? We have a customer that does thermal images and just has PNG files with thermal mapped to pixels. Works really well with normal image pipeline (no transfer learning but custom processing block).

Hi janjongboom, you also replied to linkedin :slight_smile:

No converting to images in my case does not work well since I use low resolution sensors and (except for TIFF format) the temperature relations are broken during the conversion. Meaning that in the end the thermal data is just used for geometrical features.
I will try what you suggested on the other platform to go through a raw block (as soon as i have time)
If i manage this will be a pretty cool application (well product since that is what we are making it) and i really do not want to add a KPU to our design.

@s-agar,i guess that converts to JPG and that is exactly what I need yo avoid as the conversion destroys thermal features.

@dhruvsheth thanks i will have a look !