Import C++ Impulse Library in Android Studio

Does anyone could import the C++ Library into an Android Studio native project with java as main language? I’m trying to do that, but I haven’t find the right way to do that. If there is someone who has achieve it, can you help me?
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Context/Use case:
I’m trying to build an app with android studio and java as main language. However I have to integrate the Impulse there and I tried with the C++ library.
The project is done with java, because I’m using an Empatica E4 wristband and its SDK is build for java and as an android studio native project. So, I create the Impulse with data from that wristband and the idea is to integrate everything in one app.
If someone can help me, I will be very thankful with you

Hi @djsilverav,

Android dev is not something I’m familiar with. It looks like it’s possible to import a C++ library (Import C++ Impulse Library in Android Studio), but I could not tell you the specifics. My guess would be that you need to modify your C++ SDK library so that it compiles to an object file that you can call from Java and get rid of main.cpp.

I don’t think it matters if you use Java or Kotlin. To call C++ you use FFI.

As a test (without hooking up any calls), I would just include the EdgeImpulse C++ library #include "..\ei_include\edge-impulse-sdk\classifier\ei_run_classifier.h" and see if it will compile.


@djsilverav Did you make any headway on this? I tried using Flutter and failed miserably.

I’m trying yet. I’ve been working on it two weeks and I feel the same as you. But until now I found two things:

  1. I didn’t use Flutter. I tried the method that appears in Android Studio about how to use native library. That way I found that ei_run_classifier.h is the library that show me problems too.
    But the others look fine (apparently).
    2). I exported from the project “my_custom_library” and it has a .tflite file which I could import from Android Studio and maybe It works. (at least, It compiled). So, I wish It works.
    If I get something, I will post it!

Hi! Maybe you’re working to achieve the same objective as me. Here’s my process:

  1. I downloaded the .tflite model from the Dashboard. (Download Custom Deployment)

  2. Then, in Android Studio in Project View, I added a new .tflite model and the software made the process.

  3. Then I Compiled and ran the app.

Looks like it is working.
Right now I’m working on preprocessing part. How to get the DSP analysis and so on to get the input .
Would be really nice if you can import the .tflite file at least and start working again!
C’mon :smiley: I think we can achieve it!

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