Himax WE-I ERR: Failed to allocate persistent buffer of size 64, does not fit in tensor arena and reached EI_MAX_OVERFLOW_BUFFER_COUNT

On the edge impulse platform, the last step is to build. After the success, open the decompressed file and burn it in successfully. A problem occurs when it is running.
environment in windows

Ah, the arena issue: your out of memory.

Possible solutions:

  • Try EON. See this.
  • In the Studio Deployment page build a ready-to-go firmware and test with that.
  • I see you model is estimated to consume 0.005MB and the Himax WE-I has 2.000MB SDRAM. So try creating a bare bones program that includes only the absolute essentials to allow the Impulse to run on the device.
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Thank @MMarcial I deleted all the data in the compressed file and then decompressed it, and then rebuilt it successfully.