Getting error "RuntimeError: abort(OOM). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info." when using WebAssembly build

I have deployed the WebAssembly build in my container running Node.js (Node-RED)


Using Node-RED, I am sending every 100 ms an audio fragment of 100 ms to the WebAssembly edge impulse. This is working fine but after some time I am getting error:

"RuntimeError: abort(OOM). Build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 for more info."

Once I get this error, I always get this error (for all future audio fragments).
The only way to fix this is to restart Node-RED container.

My Node-RED project is using following code to trigger the WebAssembly edge impulse code:

Hi @janvda, interesting case - and it goes deeper than I can currently find. When looking at this with a debugger the JavaScript application seems to run fine, but at some point (for me around inference 16777) something corrupts in the WebAssembly library. I’m going to set a higher memory allocation and allow memory growth there which should hopefully resolve the issue.

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This will be live tomorrow morning!

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Here some memory stats from my node-red container.
The good news is that I haven’t seen this abort(OOM) error anymore.
The bad news is that there is still some memory leak (this is not necessarily in the deployed edge impulse code).

@janjongboom, I have isolated the memory leak to the edge impulse classify node.

The code for this node:

Some notes:

  1. The memory increased within an hour from 134.5 MB to 149.3MB => around 4000 bytes/sec
  2. I am chopping 44KHz audio (16bit) into chunks of 100ms and pass this on as input to the edge impulse classify node => so the input for this node is 88200 bytes/sec.

So I looked at it last time with the debugger on, and calling the garbage collector manually worked, so I suspect something with the new Uint8Array's that are being created. In your graph it shows that memory eventually is cleaned up though, or is that a restart of the app?

Yes, that is a restart of the container. So memory is only cleaned up when restarting the app.

In other words we do 10 classifications per second, this gives a memory leak of about 400 bytes per classification.

So I am just wondering if the memory leak is not in the webassembly module where each time the classifier method is executed it allocates about 400 bytes without freeing it.

Here below I have highlighted the statement in

that potentially might have a memory leak

Yeah the underlying library does not leak any memory (we have integration tests for that), but maybe somewhere in the binding. Will do another deep dive next week.

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Feel free to test it based on the Unoptimized (float32) webassembly build for my project with ID 8755.