Data Forwarder Auto Label?

Well that was easy. Just needed:

pixel = (raw_bytes[i]>>8) | (raw_bytes[i]<<8);

OV7670 Camera image cropped 80x80 and camera is a bit out of focus.


Yes, Arduino finally got the Portenta C++ library up and running, not yet released.

I also got the Portenta Vision Shield Camera working with C++ and myu 48x48 color trained impulse. I am getting good results.

So some issues with focus and lighting on the Portenta are because it has auto-exposure (and maybe auto-focus) too but if you snapshot immediately then this has not kicked in. We’ve been working on it a bit together with the OpenMV folks and putting it together in a library. Additionally we’re adding fast resize and crop functions for the data in as well.

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The success with uploading csv files here using the Portenta has made me think about this old thread about auto labelling data using the data forwarder. So this is a Feature Request that a few people may find useful:

To the Data Acquisition page when a device is connected for the data forwarder add a repeater field near the start sampling button. Have an interval repeat area where you can determine a repeat cycle. That way users could enter a label and have data forwarded every 30 seconds/ 10 mins/ 2 hours etc.

Arduino sketch used on my library here

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