Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense Rev2 Support?

Just following up to see if there’s any update on a timeline for Rev 2 support?

me too , hoping to get this board working asap

Hi All, here same situation with the rev2 board. Looking for a firmware update asap :slight_smile:

If you can’t wait then create an Ardy INO that uses the Arduino_BMI270_BMM150 for the combined IMU and Arduino_HS300x for the new temperature and humidity sensor and log the data.

Then upload the data to the Studio via:



Take note in each of the data input techniques there are way to automagically create labels when the data is entering the Studio.

i purchased the nano sense 33 non rev2 and am getting the same error message: [SER] Retrieved configuration

[SER] Device is running AT command version 1.8.0

[SER] Started inferencing, press CTRL+C to stop…


ERR: Frequency is 44100 but can not be higher then 16000Hz


I think the documentation should be updated. Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense is said to be an officially supported platform, but the documentation doesn’t reflect anything about the Rev2 incompatibility. There is no mention of Rev1 or Rev2. Rev2 isn’t supported, so people buying this product in the last few months will not have Edge Impulse Support until this is patched up (which we don’t know when. Next month? 2 months? 3 months? 6 months?).

Please update the documentation to say that Rev2 is not supported and therefore Arduino Nano 33 BLE sense Rev2 is not officially supported yet by Edge Impulse.


I second this idea!!

Could anyone from EI provide some information on when this board is going to be supported ?

Exact same problem here. An update on the fix would be great.


Unfortunately, still no updates on our side. Some people from the “Edge Impulse Experts” group are working on porting the arduino examples to the rev2 but I don’t have any ETA.
@MMarcial I updated the documentation a couple of weeks ago following your advice.

Keep in mind that an “officially supported board” means that the board comes with a firmware that simplify the process of both acquiring data and running the impulse.

If someone from the community wants to provide a guide / arduino examples to run the inference using the sensors on the Rev2, I’d be happy to reference it in our documentation.



Hi all.

Thanks for hanging in and I know this is taking some time but I’m hoping to unblock some of you as of today. Since Arduino fixed the dynamic memory issues we where seeing in the Arduino Mbed core for Nano, we now updated our firmware to use the latest version of their Core library. This was also needed to support the Rev 2 sensors.

2nd, I created a separate branch with support for the Arduino Rev 2 sensors right here GitHub - edgeimpulse/firmware-arduino-nano-33-ble-sense at rev2-preliminary

Please make sure to use the latest core version and correct libraries. This is a preliminary version, in the mean time we will work on a version that supports both boards (rev 1 and rev 2). And will add Sketch examples for each of the sensors.

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Hello Arjan,
I have also bought the Arduino Nano 33 BLE sense becasue the website says it is supported, but I received the rev2 version so I can not follow the installaltion instructions on your website (which I really need since I am a noob with command line programming).
The tutorial says I should open flash_windows.bat but that is not in the link you provided. How should I install the firmware for the rev2? Hope you can help because I dont understand the instructions that are in the rev2 github page. The instructions on github are much more complicated than listed on the Edge Impulse website. Can you maybe point me in a direction to learn more on how to “build the application” because that is where I am stuck right now.

@bobshots Please see this post for a path forward.

Hi @MMarcial, thanks, I used the data forwarder to create a model and downloaded as an arduino library. Installed the library and tried the nano_ble33_sense_microphone example. But it also gives an error. This is not what you meant?


C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp\.arduinoIDE-unsaved2023424-23268-1222qyw.nfcdj\nano_ble33_sense_microphone\nano_ble33_sense_microphone.ino:219:2: error: #error "Invalid model for current sensor."
 #error "Invalid model for current sensor."

exit status 1

Compilation error: #error "Invalid model for current sensor."

Delete lines 218,219 & 220:

#error "Invalid model for current sensor."

@MMarcial Thnx :ok_hand: it works perfect.


Hi Arjan, thanks for this.

I’ve installed this firmware onto my Rev2 Board. Having done this, is the expectation that the Rev2 board with work with Edge Impulse Studio? Or is it more to allow an impulse to run correctly once deployed?

Hi Everyone, I have created a detailled tutorial for solving all the issues with REV2 version & Edge Impulse. Please check it out :

How to Fix issues | Arduino Nano 33 REV 2 | Edge Impulse | AI