Arduino MQTT Broker

Awesome work! Good to know that met most of your criteria and that you really like it :slight_smile:

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That’s great! Thanks for that benchmark!

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So this is embarrassing. After declaring Adafruit the winner and spending a ton of time getting static website Async/Await fetch working for mqtt-websockets, and HTTP connectivity. I am now having trouble getting the easy part working the Arduino MQTT and HTTP connectivity. :flushed:

Adafruit does not support or sell the Arduino Portenta Pro series of boards. I have found some complex possible solutions, but to use with Machine Learning I need really small code solutions.

Anyone ever connect the PortentaH7 to Adafruit? Using SSL I can do a bare data read, but that is it at the moment.

Eventually my solutions will be here .



So later today I hacked together a Portenta Form HTTP POST sketch here

Still looking for ways to do MQTT and/or websockets if anyone has any suggestions.

Well this blog/thread can be marked solved. I hacked together the last step connecting the Arduino PortentaH7 to the Adafruit MQTT broker.

Worth looking at the following page as it shows multiple website and Arduino ways to connect to I got Ethernet connectivity working for both HTTP and MQTT but they are both insecure so I suggest using the WiFi code.

Everything listed on this page:

If you want to read my full Arduino PortentaH7 with Vision Shield writeup on the Helium LoRaWan People’s Network click here.

It has both an easy MQTTS connection to using the CayenneLPP Library and the much more flexible connection using Javascript function decoders (base64) and HTTPS time dependent webhook integration in excruciating detail.

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